Frequently Asked Questions

As you embark on your healing journey, questions will start pouring in. Am I doing everything correctly, by the books? What if Dr. Sarno did not mention my specific condition and set of symptoms – does it mean that I cannot heal? How long does it take to fully recover?

In our experience, we have seen questions of the same nature repeatedly brought up by different people at various stages of their healing process. So we decided to answer those for you here.

What is the purpose of this site?

To raise consciousness about the mind body approach in conquering CRPS.

Isn’t CRPS “incurable”?!

Absolutely not. We are living proof that this is a reversible condition stemming from the brain and underlying emotional processes. The brain is neuroplastic and this approach is backed by peer-reviewed research in top medical journals. (see link to Bibliography). This is not New Age twaddle or some kind of “alternative” treatment. It is based on science, logic and even our own personal experiences.

I was told by doctors that I would just have to learn to cope with my symptoms. Are you claiming that my body and brain can actually return to normal?!

The answer is a resounding yes! Our message to the world and sufferers is that CRPS is not a static condition or disease pathology. It is simply dynamic, or “learned pain” stemming from pathways in the brain. These neuro pathways are reversible and not damaged or “broken” in any way.

Why should I believe you?

What do you have to lose by suspending your disbelief? All other roads point to the medical or alternative approaches, which will only help you to at best “cope”. They are based on treating symptoms and not the root cause. With the mind body approach the goal is to eliminate symptoms yourself, without relying on practitioners to “fix” you.

Is my nervous system broken?

No. Your nervous system is simply hyper aroused and your brain has been in fight or flight for an extended period of time. The alarm center in the brain will continue to send faulty pain signals because it believes you are in danger. The brain is designed for survival and when you live in the stress response, it alters your physiology. This is extremely common and can be seen in an array of chronic pain syndromes, most dramatically with CRPS.

Why don’t physicians know about the mind body approach?

Unfortunately most of modern medicine is still in the Dark Ages when it comes to chronic pain. There is a huge deficit in training with regards to chronic pain. The mind body approach goes against the prevailing bio mechanical model, the model of duality where the mind and body are viewed separately, as well as societal conditioning. Pain management is also a 6 billion dollar industry in the U.S., alone so there is a great deal of resistance to this approach. Things are starting to change though!

Why are some people “cured” by Ketamine or other treatments and not others?!

This speaks to the power of the placebo effect and the power of the brain. When a person has confidence and hope in a treatment and they fully believe in it, guess what? It works! You can harness that same power through KNOWLEDGE. When you understand how the brain and nervous system work, and how the mind and body interact you can reverse this fear-pain-fear loop that is causing the brain to send faulty signals and false alarms to the body.

Maybe you just had a “miracle” when you recovered from CRPS?!

It was not a miracle in the mystical sense, but with work and patience, anyone can create their own practical miracle. Everyday miracles happen every day but we just don’t realize it.

I heard that with CRPS you can only get better if you “catch it early”. What if I’ve been suffering for a very long time? Will that make it harder to get better?

That is a myth. It doesn’t matter if you have been suffering for 2 months or 20 years, you can still recover fully.

So what does “think positive” mean?

It just means you have to think accurately based on information and have a positive outlook. This is not a Positive Pollyanna approach. It’s a pragmatic and doable approach that anyone can follow.

Is there a program or protocol or series of steps I need to follow?

No not at all. This is not some kind of prescriptive program. There are basic principles that apply to everyone. Once you have acquired knowledge by reading a couple of books, and start implementing that knowledge, you will find what works best for you. Everyone’s life journey is unique to them.

How long will it take me to get back to normal?

That all depends on many variables. The key is to not get attached to timetables because that is actually counterproductive. The truth is, you are already well but you just don’t know it yet!

Is CRPS something that goes into remission that could come back?

There is no cure for being human, so symptoms may arise during times of stress and anxiety. The difference is, that if and when they do, you won’t care one whit because you are the one in control. When you use your knowledge, they will go away as quickly as they came. Just as you don’t live in fear of catching a cold or getting a blemish, you will not fear this anymore.

Can a therapist “fix” me?

No. Only you can decide how you want to live your life. A mind body therapist or coach can give you the support and laser focus for solution-based sessions. In other words, they can help to accelerate the process so you can get back to your life. Ultimately though, the work is an inside job.

Why can’t they invent a pill to interrupt this neural circuit feedback loop?

It would be nice to have a pill like that, wouldn’t it? Sort of like a magic pill to lose weight. Unfortunately, that’s not how the mindbody approach works. The good news is, no side effects to mindbody work!!!

Is this just false hope?! No not at all. This site is informational and in no way intended to sell something or lead people down a garden lane. We have both recovered and wish to pay it forward to help others suffering.

Why do people reject the diagnosis of mind body syndrome for CRPS?

The MBS diagnosis is rejected by the majority of sufferers of the spectrum of chronic pain conditions (fibromyalgia, back pain, RSI, irritable bowel, interstitial cystitis, neck pain, tension headaches, carpal tunnel, etc. etc) and medical practitioners because there is great resistance to the very idea that the mind and brain alters a person’s physiology. Unfortunately defenses go up when training, money and hubris are involved. Many people resent the implication that their pain and suffering is “all in their head”. We are certainly not saying that at all. Many people are resistant to doing the psychological work required. Facing certain emotions and truths about oneself can be scary and challenging. Our message, however, is that it is well worth it to reclaim one’s life!!

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