Success Stories


My CRPS story began, like many CRPS stories, with misdiagnosis and despair over my rapidly worsening condition. Abnormal electromyography (EMG) test results led my doctor to conclude that I had carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), despite several other symptoms that were clearly inconsistent with CTS. I disagreed with doctors, and kept searching for a more accurate diagnosis, which would offer me a solution for all of my symptoms. Meanwhile, my symptoms were spreading and getting worse: neuropathic pain in hands and arms, uncontrollable muscle contraction (dystonia), Reynaud’s Syndrome, chronic fatigue, brain fog, hypersensitivity to touch and temperature.

Once I had a correct diagnosis, which was CRPS, my doctors told me that I had to learn how to live and cope with it. I found it unacceptable. I refused to settle for anything less than a full recovery and return to a normal lifestyle. By chance, I learned about Dr. John Sarno, and that changed everything. The day I finished reading his book, I knew I had a chance to get my life back.

It is a widely held opinion among CRPS doctors that chances of improvements for CRPS patients decrease with age. Due to my age (58 at the onset of disease) I objectively had poor prospects at beating CRPS, yet my story has a happy ending: full remission without invasive treatments or drugs.

My journey is not a story of a spontaneous miracle: I used mind-body approach but was open to working with any mainstream healthcare provider who would support my experimental approach – and was able to fully recover. You can read my story in more details here: Defying The Verdict.

After my symptoms finally disappeared, I ran several half-marathons, hiked to the top of Mount Whitney and continue exercising by practicing planks and pushups using the very hands and wrists that once were almost entirely incapacitated. I am a firm believer that CRPS can be defeated!


I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS and suffered for many years with all it’s permutations, presentations, infernal symptoms, accompanying depression, despair and hopelessness.

I’m a 52 year old mom living in NJ and have 2 sons. My younger son is severely autistic and the demands and challenges of his disability have been great. For many years the stress of care taking took their toll on my emotional as well as my physical health. One could say that I was in survival mode, and fight or flight for many years.

My descent into the all expense paid, trip through the medical mill began with what appeared to be a painful swollen big toe, but rapidly progressed into something much worse: severe pain, swelling and more. Many doctor appointments and few years later, I entered the world of pain management. A world of waiting rooms and pale, shaking patients waiting for refills.

My RSD diagnosis was official and more incredibly costly and unpleasant rabbit holes…ketamine infusions, nerve blocks, Calmare therapy, bisphosphonate infusions, drugs with awful side effects. I was no longer living…just existing. The RSD then spread to both knees and at one point it went full body. I was bedridden and 93 lbs. My family had to enlist help for the house and kids. It was a catastrophic situation and I was at the lowest point of my life.

Then I remembered Dr. Sarno. Dr. John Sarno, the “Back Dr.”, I had heard in a radio interview. I ordered a copy of “Healing Back Pain” from Amazon for $3.99. The day I pulled the book out of my mailbox was the day my life changed. This required no money, but merely patience and persistence. After suffering in the depths of hell for over 6 years, I can say I am fully recovered. I can wear sneakers, sky high heels, I can walk as far as I want, exercise…live a totally normal life.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, how your condition started, the severity of your RSD, how many years you have suffered, you or your loved one can get better!!!


After several unsuccessful surgeries on her foot, Kay developed debilitating chronic pain. Diagnosed in December 2019 with CRPS, she suffered from constant neuropathic pain in the foot and leg, chronic fatigue, heart palpitation and low blood pressure. When Kay learned about mindbody approach and realized that her symptoms resulted from a long history of emotional traumas and, most recently, a series of tragic losses of her loved ones over a very short period of time, she was determined to give the mindbody approach a try.

In less than two months, Kay was symptom-free for a few hours almost every day. She continued to practice mindfulness and meditation and eventually short periods without symptoms became longer and longer. Kay loves jigsaw puzzles and she quickly noticed that when she works on her puzzles, her mind drifts away from pain and her symptoms fade! After 4 months of practicing deep breathing, meditation and puzzles, Kay is mostly free of pain, her heart rate, blood pressure and energy levels are back to normal. Whenever she experiences a flare-up, she meditates and gets better! As of March 2021, she is confident that getting her life back is within a reach, after only 4 months of mindbody work!

Your Story Can Be Next

We learned through our experience that nothing helps CRPS patients to recover better than knowing that others traveled the same path and succeeded.

If you were able to recover from CRPS using mind-body techniques, we would like to hear from you! Contact us here , and we will be happy to publish your story!